Information About the Principality of Monaco

Long seen as an exciting destination for travel for work or leisure, Monaco is one of the smallest and most picturesque regions in Europe. In fact, it is one of the smallest countries in Europe by geographic size. The only country that is smaller is Vatican City.

Though this country is tiny, it has a rich history and includes some of the most exciting and glamorous places to be. Educate yourself about this country and its elegant culture.

Monaco’s Geography

A lot of the charm of this country comes from it being on the coat of the Mediterranean Ocean. It is very close to Italy, and it is only 11 miles from the great French vacation spot, Nice. Year round the temperature ranges from temperate and mild in the winter to a very dry heat in the summer.

It is a very Mediterranean climate that pairs well with their craggy, rocky land. It is rugged and filled with rolling vistas, perfect for an avid hiker or outdoors man to go on a day trip.

Monaco’s Economy

Being such a small country, the economy of Monaco is dependent almost entirely on banking and the hospitality or tourism industries. Many laws regarding taxes or financial matters are somewhat more relaxed in Monaco, making it a popular location in which to store funds.

While the country as a whole is a widely visited vacation destination, the city of Monte-Carlo holds some extra appeal for some. The country has long relied on tourism fed by its glamorous casino and enjoyable weather, but officials are now seeking to diversify their economy by developing Eco-friendly solutions to common problems.

Monaco’s Politics

As befits a country that looks straight out of a fairy tale book, this one is governed under a constitutional monarchy. The crown prince is the head of state, but he rules under the guidance of a constitution, written in 1911, protecting the average citizen’s rights.

The original constitution is in practice, but it was also amended in 1962 to deny the king full veto powers. All crucial decisions must be reviewed by the heads of state in the country.

Monaco’s Demographics

The culture of this vivacious country is quite diverse, with people from ethnic backgrounds such as French, Basque, Spanish, Monegasque, Italian and more. This makes for a lively melting pot that will embrace just about anything. In addition to being this melting pot, this is also the most densely populated country in the world. In fact, this country has over 48,466 people per square mile!

It is a vibrant country where you can hear many tongues and taste the cuisines of many cultures.

Monaco’s History

This principality all started with a rock, the Rock of Monaco which served as shelter for the first people in the region, and later became a strategically valuable military base. This country did not even become a country until 1861, serving as a valuable protectorate of different kingdoms before then.

During the 19th and 10th centuries, this country has evolved into what we know it as today, a veritable jewel on the French Riviera and home of the famous resort town, Monte-Carlo.

Visiting Monaco is enjoyable for everyone, but the people who can really enjoy it best are those who have to cram a lot of relaxing into a short time frame. This principality is excellent and giving you the maximum in relaxation, no matter what form that takes for you.

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