Best places to visit when you stay in the principality of Monaco

Monaco is a small principality on the edge of the French Riviera, and it is one of the richest places on Earth. This small principality has been home to superstars who want to live in extreme luxury, it is the host of one of the most famous car races in the world, and it is a beautiful place to vacation. When you plan your trip to Monaco, you should make sure that you have put all these places on your itinerary.

The Prince’s Palace

The Prince’s Palace is where Prince Albert currently resides, and it is where his mother, Princess Grace, lived when she was married to Rainier III. The Prince’s Palace is the residence of the Prince and his family. At the same time, it is open to tours that have been scheduled. You should look into ours for this palace, and you should try to schedule them far in advance of each trip.

The Prince’s Palace is heavily-guarded, and it is not a place you should try to visit on your own. However, you can get wonderful pictures of it from beyond the grounds.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Saint Nicholas Cathedral was consecrated in 1911, and it has been the spiritual home of Monaco since that time. The spire of the cathedral rises above the city, and it is a wonderful addition to the skyline. You can take pictures of the cathedral from outside, and you should schedule a tour of the cathedral because you will see the amazing architecture that dots the property.

You may want to go to mass at the cathedral, and you can also light a candle for someone you care about. You can leave your spiritual mark on the city, and you will feel lifted because you have paid a visit to such a holy place.

Princess Grace Rose Garden

Princess Grace Rose Garden is a garden that was planted by Rainier III in honor of his wife, Grace Kelly. This garden was planted in 1984 two years after her death, and it is a beautiful place to visit to remember someone you love. You can visit this garden for a picnic, or you can visit this garden for the pictures. There are quite a lot of people who come here to pay homage to Princess Grace, and it might also be a lovely place for people to propose on a European vacation.

Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Beach is a manmade beach that was designed by the government to provide public and private space for vacationers and the public. You can sit on the beach to get a tan, or you can place in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino is a wonderful casino that sits right in the middle of the city. This casino has been featured in TV and movies, and it is a place that you can go to get in touch with your “inner playboy”. This is a beautiful casino with a hotel attached, and you can gamble, eat, and play at this casino all day if you like. Because it is a formal casino, it is the kind of place you visit in a tuxedo for the fun of it.

Monte Carlo Country Club

The Monte Carlo Country Club is a place where the best tennis players in the world train. You might run across people like Caroline Wozniacki or Novak Djokovic who frequent this club. You can play tennis at the club, use the gym, or swim in their pool. Because you are right on the water, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the city. They also host a major tennis tournament at the club every year that you might want to attend.

The Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is not a location, but it is the most famous auto race in the whole world. You can stay in the city, sit on your balcony, and watch the Grand Prix from your hotel room. You can walk down to the grandstands, and you can go to the parties on the private yachts that come before, during, and after the race.

Visiting Monaco Is The Luxury Vacation Of Your Dreams

You can visit Monaco to have the luxury vacation of your dreams. You can enjoy every part of the city from the palace to the cathedral. You can go to the country club, and you can even sit in the rose garden, picnic, and wait for the Grand Prix to start.

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